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How much space do I need?

We have measured up the space you need for one tepee including space for the table at the front. The width is 88cm x length of 180 cm.  Please ensure you have measured up the space for your event.

What is the Booking Procedure?

Upon receipt of your completed Booking Form, we will invoice you 50% of the party fee to secure the date.  The balance is then due a week before the party date.  We make contact a wek before the party date to arrange timings with you, obtain the names of the party guests for the personalised chalk boards and obtain any necessary directions. 

What do the children keep?

The only party item the children keep are the pillow sweets!  All other items are for hire only and returned to us including the sleep masks and torches.

When do you set up and collect?

We arrange our schedule about a week before the party date and arrange a suitable time to set up and collect for you.  

What age range is suitable for the sleepovers?

We think 6+ is a good age for the overnight sleepovers.  We do offer a daytime event for children of 5+ should this be of interest.

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